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Last week was a “fun” or QUITE the EXPERIENCE I’ve ever had in my life and I hope I don’t have to go through the same experience….EVER…….AGAIN!

For those who’s been catching up on my facebook rant status… I’ve recently signed up for the Campus MovieFest (CMF) at SFSU which is one of the largest campus film festival in the nation.  Being the hard working director that I am, I decided to sign up and take the challenge.  I have one week to work on the film so I had to get to work ASAP.  My first step was finding a crew who could help me out with all the technical production stuff WHILE I direct.  As a bonus, in order to save time I pulled out an idea from my “film idea” word doc.  So I called up some crews, cast and extras to help me shoot for 1 day.  Technically I had 2 days to make a short film (damn I wish I joined the 48 hour film festival).  With only 1 day to shoot, I had to push everyone to their limits and get it done ASAP before the sun sets.  Like any movie directors you may meet or have met, if the production is not going so smooth you may wanna take a few steps back before the director goes hulk on you.

While worrying about other technical support during production I had very little time to work and direct the cast, hence as my initial planning was to focus ONLY on directing….things didn’t flow the way I wanted to.  ANYWAYS…basically I shot in 1 day and edited the next day which resulted in sleeping only 3 hours, waking up and continue editing some more until submission.  But wait….just when I thought the battle was over after submitting my film, OH CRAP…I forgot about MIDTERM!!! I had a screenwriting portfolio, a Film Black List take home midterm and a Cinematography HD project to edit.  Life is great when you get through a struggle and then MORE conflicts comes ramming up your @ss doesn’t it?

The result at the CMF Finale was….. I didn’t make it to top 16 (BOOO!), and I’m sure we all know what went wrong, but I believe my story is there, just not enough time to make it look even better. But I am happy for my friend Cory Wong who made a really great comedy short and was nominated for Best Comedy that night, which you can check out here:

Life sux, I lost in a competition competing against 99 contestants, but after a Falcon Punch through some dry walls and a phone call from a parent saying they want a copy of my short film (which made my day. Thank you Mrs. Wong).  Now it’s time to rise again, be strong and start ANEW!!!!  Go Project W Production FTW!!!  Now…Time to catch up on some sleep cuz I am restless!!

Here’s my CMF submission, Enjoy!!