FINALLY!!! I got the film submitted to Interpretations…and now we play the waiting game…..*tick tok tick tok tick tok* Alright screw the waiting game.  Let’s show you guys what I made over the summer!

My Interpretation Film Submission: Choice Made

REMEMBER!! The judging criteria is based on originality, creativity, and marketing.  AND SO….please be sure to share this video around.  I made this film dedicated  to the AAPI Community and so I hope to get the communities recognition and make a difference when they see this film.

I do want to apologize for the stretched out video size on the link embedded on the interpretations page.  I ran into a lot of trouble trying to render it down to the lowest quality and keeping it look as nice as possible… I man com on now….20MB is just too small for image quality to look good >.<”  One advice I can give you is try to zoom out your web browser (Ctrl -)  that should make the video box look much better.  Of course as back up I always put all my films and videos on youtube so you can also check it out here for HD 720 quality, BUT!!!!!!! Like I said, the film contest is judged partially on a marketing strategy criteria , so if you want to share my video, please share interpretations link instead of my youtube link.  Thank you!!!


After such intense drama from my film, lighten up with some laughs on my youtube channel with a Behind the Scenes/Bloopers video of Choice Made.


So it’s been a long while since I’ve updated myself or the production’s upcoming project, but here’s what happened…

Early this summer I was informed by my friend Natalie about a film contest called Interpretations, a short film initiative to encourage aspiring filmmakers to develop their own original and unique voice. Interpretations is hosted by the newest and hottest internet bloggers from You Offend Me You Offend My Family (YOMYOMF), created by Justin Lin and a couple of his actors, writers, and producer friends.


Yes…THAT Justin Lin. haha~And I’m so glad to hear about this contest and his recent work not just for Hollywood, but his outreach to aspiring filmmakers through the YOMYOMF blog and Interpretations contest. It is an honor to be apart of this contest and I just hope to set the same goal as Justin is doing which is to inspire more people to make films, tell more stories, and be an inspiration to the community.

HENCE….my summer’s focus was to make a short film under 3 minutes using the script Interpretations has provided which consist of only 4 dialogues. I already shot the film two weeks ago with an amazing cast and crew. SURPRISINGLY I was able to get hold of a special guest star….BRADLEY LUM.

(Wait, BRAD-WHO? Was he that Asian guy on Finishing the Game?) <–*NOTE* Not ALL Asians look alike =_="

No no no… For those of you who are my age or older… BACK IN THE DAYS…you might’ve been very proud of your “AZN Pride” that you would be blasting your music on your Windows 98 using Winamp player listening to the rap song…Tai Mai Shu. THAT’S RIGHT! Bradley Lum = Mr. Tai Mai Shu. The guy who goes to “get a cheeseburger for 29 cents at McDonalds, BABY!!” I was so surprised to be able to meet the Legendary Asian rapper. I swear he is like the very first Chinese rapper I’ve heard rapping during my Jr. High years since MC Jin and I was so proud of my ethnic culture and race LOL. My dear friend Caitlyn (Super Agent Cait) is an agent who knows a lot of Hollywood Asian American actors/actresses such as Art Hsu, Karin Anna Cheung, and many Asian American comedians. Apparently Bradley is now an Asian American Comedian who’s busy running around doing stand up with the Cocky Asian Comedy Tour around the Bay Area and hitting Socal pretty soon, so I am VERY GLAD to have him jump on board for that one day shoot we did. Thank you Bradley!!!

[Bradley on the set for my Interpretations Film]

The film is about 90% done, deadline submission is september 15th. All I’m waiting for now is for my awesome composer Marshall Ha to finish up his epic score, then BAM! I am done! Hopefully things will go smooth, I mean I did spend at least a month writing and rewriting my script, changing things the last min (details on the next film commentary) and find a total of 4 cast and 4 crew members.

I did have fun shooting with everyone, I appreciate their time and effort in helping me pull through everything in just one day which is often times tough to do. But next week should be the official launch of my submission of Interpretations so please stay tune!!! Until then enjoy yourself with Bradley’s old school rap song, Tai Mai Shu!!

It Started With A Call started out as a test footage at first when Roshelle  wanted to show me this really neat site to shoot videos.  The location is at the San Francisco Bay near the SFO airport and Embassy Suite.  We were at the site for about 2 hours and took some really nice footage around the entire area especially at the dock where you can see the airplanes landing.

After capturing the neat footages I decided to test out the Magic Bullet software I have with Pinnacle Studio 14 (I may be a filmmaker, but I’m still a poor student who can’t afford FCP T__T).   The result of the shots after applying Magic Bullet were amazing, I was surprise to see how strikingly vivid the colors were when I was messing around with the filters and color correction (very important to do in post-production).  As you can see from the pictures there is a HUGE difference between before and after.  The day that we went to the site wasn’t even that great, it was cloudy and cold because you can clearly see Roshelle wearing a long jacket and she had 2 other layers inside plus this was shot in June.

The Call:
For those drama addicts out there, does the title It Started With A Call sound familiar to you?  Perhaps you may have seen the Taiwanese drama, It Started With A Kiss.  For those thinking that I am doing a parody or mocking the title of this drama, I am……NOT.  I just simply thought the “call” to the narration of this story is very important as it ties a bond and connection to the two protagonist. 
I know I did not provide enough background story to the narration but these two are not an official couple.**
The call is pretty much the whole story in the male character’s perspective (the voice and sound) and the call he receives are from the girl hit met in Hong Kong and he feels that the two of them are both well connected with each other.  The story goes from sweet to minorly bitter as the girl’s last call to him was saying, “You are a dreamer and not an achiever.”  As harsh as it may sound, that’s reality, often times we tend to dream big, but do we put in the effort into achieving those dreams of ours?  Why do you think the girl said such harsh words to him?  The guy once asked the girl, “If you were to fall in love with someone who lives in a foreign country…”  NOW think back to the last scene where he’s at the airport.  Ah…Do you see the connection now? =)  As partly confusing and tricky this so called “short film” may be, I believe I made the story and images work at some level,  I might have pushed it a little bit, but it works!  With the female perspective, the image, I basically messed around with the in/out focus of my lens just to create a transition.  When I thought about the theme (on site) I wanted my female protagonist to be blurry and also mysterious because we never get to see her face, that in fact was shot intentionally.  The contrast between the two characters worked because we hear the guy’s voice, but we don’t get to see who he is, and we have the image of the girl’s perspective, but we don’t get to hear her voice.  I noticed the struggle between sound and image is pretty neat as I was editing the footages.

The Language:
I specifically used Cantonese for my narration because I wanted to point out the difference between the two characters in the film which the guy is suppose to be ABC and the girl is HK-nese.  Because the calls are long distant calls and the girl is from Hong Kong, I wanted the guy to speak Cantonese but with an accent or not so fluent in speaking Cantonese, that’s why I think I fit the role when it came to doing the voice-over.

What You Didn’t Know:
The story and idea of using a voice over came later after I shot the footages, but I did have a theme in mind that I want to talk about.  I also randomly directed Roshelle to look out into the lake and acted cold (but she really was feeling cold >.<“)  The airplanes landing at SFO was a bit nostalgic because I usually fly to Hong Kong and then all of a sudden I thought about my long distance relationship that I had several years ago (Yes..I was a young stud…LOL).  Having to travel overseas and meeting someone over there that you like and likes you back is a very rare experience that I will never forget.

The Message:
Aside from telling this story through my own experience, I created this video because I want to encourage people to dream, dream big and go pursue it.  Because often time we tend to submit to what we consider is “reality” like….”artists will only starve themselves because it is not a stable job” or “fat people can never lose weight” these harsh reality words can cause discrimination and hurt others.  But nothing is impossible if we put our heart, effort and will into the things we do and achieve the goals we once dream.

Hey everyone,

Last week I just went out with Roshelle to do some test footages at Airport Blvd. near the Embassy Suite and SFO.  The location where I shot was just lovely, beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay and airplane descending.  With the test footage I want to use my creativity and create a short story by using narration.  We’ll see how it turns out very soon.  Possible release by the end of June ^___^ Stay tune!  Here’s a picture preview.