What If Lust,Caution Was A Musical?

Posted: July 27, 2011 in A World of Possibilities
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Let’s face it, we all love musicals.  Even if you deny the fact that you hate the happy prancing lala musical, your feet will still go with the beat. Just like Singing In The Rain or hell……even Marry Poppin and  my all time favorite Willy Wonka! Dont forget the Umpa Lumpas!

As a Cinematographer I love beautiful composed shots and art direction, most likely every musical will have one or two good shots and an amazing set built for dancing.  But what if great cinematography films were put in as a musical?  How awesome would that be!! I begin to wonder…… “what if Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution was a musical?” I would have love to see a group of Chinese & Shanghainese folks dancing around the beautiful streets of Shanghai!  Although I’m pretty sure I’d be distracted by the 3 part explicit sex scene of Tony Leung and Tang Wei in the film.  HELLOOOOOOOOOOO

Here’s my vision of when each musical number (Broadway Style) should enter appropriately in each scene……..***SPOILER ALERT****

1.) Tang Wei is about to seduce Tony Leung for the very first time before the sex

2.) Leehom Wang invites Tang Wei to join the Patriotic Club and they do their little patriot dance feeling proud and almighty.

3.) When Leehom is about to shove a bullet up Tony’s arse, but eventually ended up being captured. (Leehom throws in an opera style song)

4.) THE SEX SCENES!! Com on….we all have seen tits, tots, jugs, pee-wee, wangs, and free-willy or something explicit at least once in our life time, so we know what to expect when two people take each others clothes off. In order to not make these scenes feel like its NOT all about the sex, (although Ang Lee claimed that making these scenes are “important” and “beautiful”) why not throw in a musical? Dance naked! Ain’t that something new we have yet to see? But I guess Ang Lee have anticipated that a Lust Caution Musical will not be well received in every Gentleman’s club because the men in there will tell you the dance is not sexy enough and the strippers will complain she’s doing it wrong.

But hey I guess only Bollywood can pull off musicals so awesome with so many choreograph dance numbers without looking ridiculous……..right?


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